Why You Should Lift Weights and Strength Train

With many people sticking to home workouts, some may still be focusing on cardio, HIIT and body weight style workouts, without owning any weights. Or you may be strength training and just want to be reminded of all the benefits. There are so many misconceptions surrounding basic weight training and there is actually much more to using weights than ‘bulking up’. So whatever your training goals, lifting weights should be an essential part of your workout programmes.

Understandably, if you’ve never used weights before you might be slightly apprehensive about starting to incorporate them into your workouts, but purchasing some dumbbells or kettlebells or even a barbell and weight plates isn’t something you should overlook doing. Instead of only doing cardio or dabbling with a few bodyweight exercises, you really should try lifting free weights whilst you’re working out at home and here’s why;

You’ll Burn More Calories

Often, people focus on cardio because they think it is the best way for them to burn calories and lose weight, but this isn’t strictly true. Simply put, due to the fact that lifting weights helps you build muscle and increase your lean body mass, you will start to burn more calories throughout the day. So, even when you’re not working out, you will be burning calories all thanks to weight lifting improving your metabolism, which can also positively affect how much weight you’re losing if this is your goal.

Your Cardio Endurance Will Improve

When you start using weights during your home workouts, you will likely start to notice a difference in your cardio performance as well. By strengthening your muscles through weight training, they will be more powerful and help you to push through cardio activity, improving your overall ability. You can also target specific muscle groups when using weights too which will help you to better cope with the demands of the cardio activities you enjoy.

You’ll Be Less Prone To Injuries

When you strengthen your muscles with home gym weights you will also be strengthening your bones as well as your ligaments and tendons. This will not only help you to reduce the risk of common muscular injuries occurring, but it will help you to avoid things like fractures, ruptures and tears too. So, weight training with good form can help to ensure that you’re not having to frequently take time out from your workout regimen because you’re recovering from an injury.

You’ll Add Variety To Your Workouts

Of course, by purchasing a selection of home gym weights, you will be significantly expanding the type of workouts you can do at home. Doing the same cardio/ body weight activities over and over again can get really boring and it is likely that this will result in you being unmotivated and not working out as frequently. When you incorporate weight training into your workouts you can start to mix things up a little bit and ensure that you’re enjoying the workouts you do at home.

Purchasing Some Home Gym Weights

Ultimately, whilst using weights can be quite daunting to start with, they are undeniably a beneficial addition to your workouts. You can guarantee that you will get so much more out of your home workouts when you start using weights and you shouldn’t let any of the common misconceptions surrounding weight training put you off. It is definitely worthwhile looking into purchasing some home gym weights to use.

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