All Rebel Strength goods are warrantied to be free from defects and damages in materials and fabrication. Rebel Strength warrant the right to the original purchaser of all new equipment purchased directly from rebel Strength. All applicable equipment is warrantied under normal and intended use and based on satisfaction that the products are defective, Rebel Strength reserve the right for inspection.

a) All applicable goods are warrantied under normal and intended use and Rebel Strength will be under no liability in relation to the goods if:

1. Damage arises as a result of general wear and tear, including rust

2. Damage arises as a result of misuse, wilful damage or alteration of the goods

3. You continue to use the product after providing notice of any damages.

(b) The shipping of replaced product or parts under warranty are to be determined by Rebel Strength.

(c) Rebel Strength reserve the right under any claim to carry out due diligence based on satisfaction that the products are defective.


a) 28 day warranty upon receipt under the clause above relating to returns/ cancellations/ shortages/ damages.

(b) Applicable to all equipment purchased directly from Rebel Strength: Strength equipment, Attachments, Weights and Bars

(c) Cosmetic blemishes, including rust, are not covered by warranties.

(d) Specific warranty guidelines in relation to bar usage. Any usage outside of the guidelines/ recommendations below voids any warranties.

1. Bars should not be used for any rack pulls.

2. Bars should not be dropped on to safety bars.

3. The appropriate bar should be used depending on lift type.

4. Olympic bars are not designed to be dropped from height. Dropping cast iron plates from use overhead may cause the bar to bend.

5. Bars used within a commercial environment may be more susceptible to damage/ deterioration due to use amount and outside owner’s control. It is recommended for bars in a commercial environment to be replaced regularly.


a) Lifetime warranty upon receipt, applicable to all Racks, Cages and Stands – also liable to those included within any packages.

(b) Warranty liable to all main frames, structural steel and welds.

(c) Lifetime warranty applicable on structural frames of machines, with a 3-year warranty on all moving parts.

(d) All goods under lifetime warranty will be clearly specified within product descriptions

(e) Lifetime warranties applicable only under normal and intended use as outlined in the above cause relating to the liability of Rebel Strength.