Unless the context otherwise provides, the following definitions shall have the meanings set against them respectively:

‘Contract’ - The agreement between the Company and the Customer for the Company to provide the Service, constituted by these terms and conditions and any other written documents or verbal agreements between the parties.

‘Customer’ - The customer of the Company for whom the Service is being provided.

‘Service’ or ‘Services’- The service or services, without any limitation, which the Company has undertaken for the Customer pursuant to the Contract.

‘Third Party’ or ‘Third Parties’ - Any person or organisation not being the Company or the Customer.


(a) The Customer shall not be entitled to withhold payment of any amount properly payable under the Contract on account of any disputed claim by the Customer in respect of other goods or services provided by the Company or any alleged breach of the Contract, or any other Contract between The Company and the Customer. The Customer shall not be entitled to set-off or otherwise deduct from any amount properly payable to The Company any monies which are allegedly due from the Company to the Customer.

(b) Full payment must be received from the Customer before the Company can begin the process / confirm orders.

(c) Privacy Policy - we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.


(a) While the Company endeavours to ensure delivery is within our timescales (21 working days for the UK, 28 working days for international orders), it cannot be held responsible for any loss, direct or otherwise, accruing to the Customer as a result of error on the part of the Customer.

(b) The Company cannot be held responsible for the decisions, errors or any other actions of Third Parties involved in the process of rendering the Service or Services provided by the Company. The Customer agrees to indemnify the Company against any consequential loss incurred to the Customer due to errors, omissions or any other actions of the Company, the Customer or Third Parties.

 (c) Delivery Policy - We use TNT or National Pallets for our deliveries, depending on the weight and quantity of the order.  All of our items are made to order and we aim to deliver within 14 working days to addresses in the UK and 28 working days for international orders.

(d) Customers can also collect their order directly from our workshop in person.  Workshop address:- Unit 9, Ongar Road Trading Estate, Ongar Road, Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1EU.


(a) The Company cannot be held responsible if things change and errors occur before or after information is placed on our website. The Company check regularly to see if the Company need to update or correct any information or prices. If there are any changes or updates required, the Company will update the website as urgently as possible.

(b) If the customer has placed any orders after this time, the Company will try their best to notify the Customer of the updates, significant changes or mistakes which affect the Customer.

(c) In the event that an incorrect price has been entered in error, any order made based on such incorrect price will not be valid. The Customer will be advised of the mistake at the earliest opportunity and then have the option either to pay the correct price or to cancel and receive a full refund of any money the Customer has already paid.


(a) The person who places the order must be at least 18 years old and is responsible for payment of the total cost of the order.


(a) The Company cannot be held responsible for any problems, loss, injury or otherwise occurring as a result of omission, error, or oversight by the Customer.

(b) No liability can be accepted by the Company for any loss, injury or otherwise resulting from natural disasters, war, rioting, strikes, or any other circumstance beyond the Company’s control.

(c) The company reserves the right to refuse orders at their discretion.

(d) By placing an order online or otherwise providing us with an email address, you as the Customer authorise the Company to contact you in relation to your booking or enquiry using the contact details the Customer has provided.


(a) The customer has the right to cancel the contract and return the goods within 28 days of receipt.

(b) All exchanges/returns must be sent back to us within 28 days of receipt of goods, in their original packaging, un-used and in new condition. Please always include a returns form which can be requested from us via email. Returns will be subject to a 10% re-stocking fee, and shipping costs will not be refunded unless there is fault on our behalf.

(c) All orders should be thoroughly checked upon receipt, and any shortages/damages reported to us within 24 hours of receipt. Any goods arriving showing any damage at all should be signed for as 'damaged'.

(d) Any refunds will incur a 10% admin/processing fee


All of our (coated) equipment is exempt from exchanges/refunds/replacements based on cosmetic damage from surface impact. Please consider that impact with a hard surface may cause cosmetic damage to all products. Cosmetic damage is exempt from the warranty, the warranty covers structural damage only. Please use soft surfaces when training with all of our equipment.


With our bars, here are guidelines with regards to usage to reduce any likelihood of damage. We use all our bars in the gym, and have done over long periods of time without any issues. Our philosophy is that any bar, however cheap will last a lifetime if looked after and cared for properly. Similarly, any bar, however expensive/well made, will get damaged through incorrect/improper use. Any usage outwith the guidelines/recommendations below voids any warranties.

(a) It is not recommended to use any bar for rack pulls. It is in our opinion, the one most common gym lift which damages/bends bars, and should be avoided at all costs.

(b) Dropping a bar onto the safeties (i.e. when squatting) will have the same effect as rack pulls. We always recommend squatting with human spotters, both for safety, and to stop the bar being dropped on a failed lift. Dropped bars (onto safeties/catchers), rack pulls, and also squat jumps, void all warranties. Any rust or cosmetic blemishes are not covered by warranties. It's is normal that bars will develop some rust over time, but is largely down to the atmospheric conditions of storage/use and also maintenance carried out on them.

(c) Regardless of the load rating of the bar, please choose the bar most appropriate for the type of lifting it will be used for. We never recommend dropping bars when deadlifting, the bar should always be lowered to the floor in a controlled manner.

(d) When doing jerks/overhead work, always use full rubber bumper plates, and only on proper rubber gym matting at least 18mm thick (not harder style matting like stable mats). Whilst our Olympic bars are fine for the Olympic lifts (good spin in the sleeves, mild flex in the shaft, etc) we'd always recommend the Weightlifting bar if this is predominantly what it is going to be used for. The Olympic bars are not designed to be dropped from height, and the sleeves/end bolts will likely become loose in this situation, and the shaft can also bend. NEVER use cast iron plates when doing overhead. Dropping a bar from any height with cast iron plates on will almost always cause it to bend.

(e) Any bar used in a commercial environment is more susceptible to damage/deterioration purely because of the amount of use it is undergoing, and also because of the fact it is outwith the control of the owner/manager (at least to an extent) how it is being used/cared for by the gym users. It is our belief that bars used in a commercial environment will have to be replaced on an ongoing basis, and it should not be expected that any bar will 'last forever' in a setting like this.


Glute Ham Developers have a 3-yr warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not include pads. They are not designed or recommended for sit ups, and using them in such a way voids any warranty.


The Contract shall be interpreted and governed in accordance with current English laws.





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