Step By Step – How to Build A Home Gym

There are so many advantages to having a space at home that is specifically designed for workouts and for many, having a home gym will save both time and money. Not to mention, it can help to stay motivated and meet training goals much quicker as well.

Understandably though, not everyone knows how to build a home gym or where to even start, but it is actually a lot easier than you might think to create a dedicated training space. Building a home gym doesn’t have to be a huge project and with the right know-how, it is something that you can do in no time. So, to help anyone interested in building a home gym, below we have put together a step by step guide to creating a space that works for you, your home and your training.

#1 Choose The Right Space

Before you start designing your dream home gym, you need to decide where it’s going to go. Ideally, you will have a whole room you can dedicate, whether this is a spare bedroom or a garage, but this isn’t essential.

Think realistically about where you can build your home gym and where will be most convenient for you and the rest of your household. You don’t actually require as much space as you might think for a fully functional home gym, so explore all of your options, even if this is a corner of your bedroom or living room.

#2 Plan A Layout

Once you have decided on a location, you can start planning the layout of the space and this isn’t something you should overlook. At this point, it is useful to have an idea of what your fitness goals are and what you’re wanting to achieve with your workouts. Your goals will help you to decide which pieces of equipment you’re going to need and you can then put together a layout for the home gym.

How much space you have will influence how much equipment you can purchase too, and taking some measurements of the predetermined location is really useful. Taping the floor is a great way to double-check that the equipment you’re interested in will actually fit in the space you have.

If you need any help with this, or your space requires a custom piece of equipment (e.g. if your ceilings are shorter) contacting an equipment manufacturer can be very useful.

#3 Consider Storage Solutions

Whilst they can be easy to overlook, storage solutions are key to any home gym. Even if your core pieces of equipment are things like squat racks and weight benches, you will still need storage solutions for other items from bars to weight plates.

You will be surprised how much equipment you can get into the smallest of spaces when you have well-thought-out storage solutions. Some pieces of equipment, like dumbbells, might come with dumbbell racks, for example, making storage incredibly convenient too. Yet, if you don’t have space for big racks like this, consider alternatives such as adjustable dumbbells instead. There tends to be useful solutions for all shapes and sizes of home gyms.

#4 Decide On Home Gym Equipment

When you know how much space you have, and have an idea of the equipment you need to reach your goals, you can start to finalise the equipment you want to add to your home gym. Remember, always purchase the essential pieces of equipment first too, you can then add to these over time if you require additional equipment.

Once you’ve decided on the gym equipment you need/ want, and the importance of each piece, you’re ready to start purchasing. It is so important to ensure that you’re turning to a reliable supplier for the equipment that you need and you shouldn’t simply look for the cheapest solutions on the market.

#5 Purchase Home Gym Equipment

Hopefully, if you’re wondering where to start when building a home gym, the step by step guide above will be useful. It is fair to say that transforming a spare space in your home into a fully functional gym doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think and you will be surprised by how straightforward it is to create a workout area, no matter what your fitness goals, needs and preferences may be.

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