Rebel Strength Christmas: All You Need To Know

As the Christmas month starts, we’re bringing you two exciting countdowns to get us all in the Christmas spirit!

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We know you get excited to open your chocolate advent calendar every day, so we’re adding to that excitement. Everyday in the lead up to Christmas, we’ll be bringing you a new offer for 1 day only!

These offers will be on our stories, every morning at 9am. They’ll then also be on our website to make it extra easy for you to find them. Don’t forget to open them!

The Christmas countdown you’ve been waiting for! We’re bringing you 12 days of Christmas, every other day, from the 1st December.

12 days, 12 giveaways, (more than) 12 winners… does it get any better!?

We’ve teamed up with some amazing brands, athletes, shows and events – you don’t want to miss this!

How it will work:

  • Giveaways will be posted every other day at 6pm

  • You’ll have 48 hours to enter by following the steps in the caption

  • The winner will be announced on our stories, before the next giveaway is posted

Tune in every other day at 6pm for your chance to win!