About Us

Rebel Strength designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality strength and gym equipment for sale in the UK. Our products are made to suit all needs and abilities.

All of our products are engineered using 100% British steel. We use the same industrial machines used for structural steel and architectural metalwork.

We offer a fully comprehensive, standard range of gym equipment, with a vast range of weight options and equipment finishes. We also offer many custom options, and can produce products tailored to individual needs and abilities.

Based in Essex, we welcome customer visits to our workshop and show room. We can discuss any special requirements and have a look around our facility to see what Rebel Strength are all about.

Our History

Established in 2015, Rebel Strength was born from a passion for the strength and fitness industry. We felt there was a need for high quality, functional gym equipment. Founder Andrew Wilby first began manufacturing strongman equipment during his breaks, whilst working in architectural steelwork. A gap in the market was soon found and our brand was born.

Rebel Strength now has an extensive product portfolio of over 150 standard items, and there are no limits to the equipment that we can make. Since our beginnings we’ve worked with forward-thinking gyms, sporting teams and fitness charities. We’re now recognised as a leading UK designer, manufacturer and supplier of strength equipment. Rebel Strength has become a prominent place to buy gym equipment for all needs and abilities.

Our Partners

Rebel Strength work with variety of partners supplying gym equipment to sports clubs, athletes and events across the UK. Our partnerships have seen us work with the elite sports men and women from all over the world. The founders of Rebel Strength began their careers competing in strongman events. We’ve continued this philosophy by running events throughout the UK, supporting athletes from grass roots all the way to the world’s best. Working with ‘Giants Live’, we support the athletes warm up areas and supply equipment featured in the events. This means you too can get your hands on equipment used by the world’s very best.

As well as the UK’s elite competitions, Rebel Strength regularly organise and showcase novice events throughout the UK. Our belief is the next generation should compete in a safe and controlled manner using high quality equipment fit for purpose. Many athletes who have taken part in Rebel Strength’s novice events can now been seen competing at the highest level.

Rebel Strength also partner with various rugby clubs in the UK, supplying strength training equipment. See our blog from our work with Sunrisers here.

We are keen to give back to our community. This ranges from anything including helping in community events to charity donations. Inside our workshop we are proud to weld Steel Warriors park equipment which help to change young lives. Charity is also a large part of our business. Rebel Strength and it’s parent company Alloy Fabweld work closely to help fund local charities such as St Clare Hospice to help those most in need.