As we navigate through these times of uncertainty, working out is becoming more challenging for some. Whilst finding unique and new ways to train initially proved an exciting challenge, there comes a point when you need some home gym essentials to take your workouts to the next level.

Despite there being no magical shortcuts to reaching your strength and fitness goals, there are ways to get there faster, through training smarter and harder. Using the right equipment within your home workouts will allow you to target the right muscle groups, increase the load and add more versatility to your training programmes.


Over the multiple lockdowns, we’ve seen people investing in their home gym set up and realising the real benefits of having their own strength paradise just a short walk down their hallway – helping to stay more consistent and transforming body weight circuits into full strength and conditioning regimes.

With so much equipment choice, it’s often overwhelming to choose where to start, so we’ve put together a selection of some favourite home gym essentials based on the equipment all of you have been ordering over the past year, to level up your workouts and reach your goals at home.


If you’ve been around for a while or have been searching for gym equipment, you don’t have to guess that at the beginning of the first lockdown, everyone was after dumbbells! These became gold dust, and with many suppliers shipping them in out of stock, we as manufacturers were here to support all of you on your mission to stay strong in lockdown – and the same still applies today.

Out of all equipment, dumbbells win on versatility. And if you’re looking to add one thing to your home gym that you can do the most with, they are the first choice. Chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs, glutes – there’s a dumbbell movement for every muscle group within every training discipline.

To add to the versatility, we offer a wide range of dumbbells ranging from Studio Fixed Weight Dumbbells, to our most popular and most versatile, the Adjustable Weight Dumbbells, and new Studio Adjustable Dumbbells.


Is your home gym complete without a barbell and weight plates? Similar to the dumbbell, the barbell offers versatility to your workouts, allowing you to train all major muscle groups through core exercises including squats, deadlifts, bench press and overhead press.

However, to gain the full benefits of adding a barbell and weight plates to your home gym, you’re probably going to need more equipment. If you’re wanting to bench or shoulder press, it goes without saying that you might want a Bench. If you’re looking to perform compound lifts such as squats, you may want to invest in some form of Stands or Rack.

Within the past year, our barbells have become increasingly popular, with our Olympic Barbells for weightlifting and compound lifts, and our Axle Bars (Solid and Hollow) for Strongman training. To pair with these, our 2" weight plates have become increasingly popular.


Weight Benches are the perfect addition to a home gym set up, increasing your training options and allowing you to progress with your strength regime. As we’ve recently seen, many people with dumbbells and barbells or even racks, are now adding weight benches to their set up to increase their range of movements and ensure correct workout positioning. Our Adjustable Incline Weight Bench offers the most versatility and as listed within Origym's 'Best Weight Benches for all workouts', is the most popular option.


As the uncertainty continues and many having fallen in love with working out from home and all the benefits it brings, people are now taking their home gyms to the next level. In this third lockdown, we have seen a massive increase in people looking at creating a space for their personal health and fitness as a valuable investment, saving them both money and time in the long run.

With people turning their home gyms into a full strength and conditioning haven, racks bring numerous benefits, allowing for safe free-weight training from your home/ garage, and the ability to progress your workouts with increased loads. All racks and stands are extremely versatile, ideal for compound lifts including squats (front and back), shoulder press, deadlifts, bench press and rows.

With all of our racks being manufactured to commercial quality and built to last, we offer a variety of options available here. All of our racks are available in Raw and Powder Coated options, and Galvanised for outdoor gym set ups. Of these, the most popular is our Power Rack. If you’re looking to start your home gym set up, we also offer an range of Home Gym Packages here including everything you need.


As people invest more into their home gyms to progress their training, we have developed multiple attachments allowing for various functions to be added to racks.

All of our attachments have been extremely popular in line with the popularity of our racks, with the options they bring being second to none. All attachments are compatible with Rebel Strength racks, with a bespoke option in which they can be manufactured to suit any rack.

Like all equipment, there are many options for choice. If you enjoy upper body lifts, then dumbbell holders and jammer arms are the ones for you. If you’re into powerlifting, mono-lift attachments are ideal for you. We also have various safety and storage attachments – View all here.