With various lockdowns, the way we’ve all been training has completely changed. Despite looking forward to the gyms reopening, a lot of us can now agree on the real benefits of combining home training with the gym – having your own space and your own equipment, training when you want to, having a fun and exciting project to work on – the list goes on!

So whether your home gym will remain your primary place to workout or not, there are endless benefits to having one and the easy access to training that it comes with.


So now you’re realising the real benefits of having a fully equipped home gym, but don’t know how to start when taking the dumbbells and homemade bench in the corner of your garage, to a fully functional training space.

We’ve made this super easy for you, and have put together various home gym packages ranging from the Essential to the Ultimate. These are all available with various finishes: Raw, Galvanised and Powder Coated. So there will be one best suited for both your home gym budget and your training needs.

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Includes: Adjustable Incline Bench, Adjustable Dumbbells

This package offers you the perfect combo of home gym equipment with our Adjustable Dumbbells and Heavy-Duty Adjustable Incline Bench, allowing you to build up all major muscle groups. The adjustable design of both the bench and the dumbbells further enables you to keep progressing your workouts with perfected form.


Home Gym 1 includes: Squat and Bench Rack, Flat Bench, J-Hooks, Spotter Arms, with the option to add a Fabricated Olympic Bar and Weight Plates (30kg set or 50kg set)

Home Gym 2 includes: Quarter Rack, Flat Bench, Fabricated Olympic Bar, 50kg Weight Plate Set, Heavy Duty Collars, Spotter Arms

Home Gym 3 includes: Power Rack, Adjustable Incline Bench, Fabricated Olympic Bar, 70kg Weight Plate Set, Heavy Duty Collars, Spotter Arms

Our Home Gym Packages 1, 2 and 3 are ideal for levelling up your home workouts. Engineered to commercial quality, these home gym packages are designed with a focus on functional strength training and performance, making them ideal for a vast amount of both upper-body and lower-body exercises. Whatever your workout programme, these packages provide an effective all in one training solution.


Includes: Rebel Strength Yoke Frame, Flat Bench, Fabricated Olympic Bar, 90kg Weight Plate Set, Heavy Duty Collars, J-Hooks, Spotter Arms

Optimised for the strength athlete. This smart, compact and multi-functional home gym package provides an effective training solution for strength athletes looking to progress even further. The versatile design allows for the Yoke frame to double up as a traditional squat/ press stand, as well as allowing for strongman events training.


Includes: Galvanised Power Rack, Galvanised 7ft Solid 2” Axle Bar (36kg), J-Hooks, Safety Pins, Galvanised Heavy Duty Collars

Perfect for those training outside or even in some garages. Our outdoor home gym package consists of a heavy-duty galvanised outdoor power rack with galvanised attachments and a galvanised solid axle bar. This outdoor home gym package really is built to last and withstand any conditions it may be exposed to (in terms of both harsh weather, and heavy training).


Includes: Full Power Rack, Option of Flat or Adjustable Incline Bench, 50kg Adjustable Dumbbells, Fabricated Olympic Bar, 160.5kg Full Fabricated Weight Plate Set, J-Hooks, Spotter Arms, Safety Bars, Jammer Arms, Mono-Lift, Dumbbell Holders, Dip Bar, Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar, Step Platform, Storage Pin.

This is for those looking to really take their home gym to the ultimate level, and train without any limits. Fully equipped with all attachments, this gym package is fully functional and suitable for all types of training, whether that be heavy lower body days, or varied push days. Furthermore, the safety features within this ultimate package are next to none – making it perfect for at home training.


All of our Home Gym Packages can be further adapted to suit any of your training needs. For example, you may wish to swap out a flat bench for an adjustable bench, or add additional weights. If this is the case, please contact us here or at

All packages are available in various finishes (Raw, Galvanised and Powder Coated) and are available as standard sizes specified within the product specifications. All items can also be customised to suit any colour schemes or to fit into specific spaces if required. You can find out more about customisation here.