Find The Rack Attachment For You

You’ve been training with the same set up for a while, which is great, but now you’re wanting to take your training to that next level. Sound familiar? Then you’re in the right place.

Rack attachments are a fantastic way to increase your training functionality and progression. And in this blog, we’re going to help you find the right one for you, your set up, and your training.

Jammer Arms

Jammer arms are undoubtedly the most versatile rack attachment. And for that reason, they also happen to be our most popular. They add an element of functionality to your training, without taking up the space (and cost!) of a similar machine.

They are ideal for a wide range of upper body push/pull exercises including overhead press, incline press, various rows, as well as lower body exercises including squats and deadlift variations. They are also perfect for those of you looking to perform explosive movements with added stability and control compared to free weights. The possibilities are endless!

Dumbbell Holders

The epitome of functionality, and safety. Our rack attachment dumbbell holders allow you to safely progress your dumbbell workouts. Acting as a spot, they are especially beneficial for training alone.

Allowing you to up the weight and re-rack easily, dumbbell holders are a must for those looking to progress with bench press and shoulder press.

Mono-Lift Attachment

Our mono-lift rack attachment, is yet again beneficial for both progression and safety, and a space saving and cost effective alternative to a full mono-lift machine. The commercial design removes the j-hooks from the bar path, enabling you to focus purely on your squat, and waste no vital energy on the walkout. Let’s hit those PBs!!

Landmine Attachment

This essential attachment allows for one end of the barbell to be anchored to the floor, with the other end free for loading and movement – making it increasingly popular within functional training.

The fixed yet adjustable concept, makes the landmine attachment extremely versatile and ideal for a multitude of exercises including presses, rows, squats, deadlift variations, and many more.

Rebel Strength Attachments

These are only to name a few of our attachments. Take a look at our full range here.

All of our attachments are available in raw, galvanised and powder coated options. So once you’ve decided on the one for you, you have a choice of finishes that suits you.

What’s more? Our attachments can also be manufactured to bespoke measurements. Yes, that means they can be made to fit any rack, of any brand, of any dimensions – with only a small bespoke surcharge.

Contact us now to confirm a bespoke order.