Deciding Where To Put A Home Gym

Over the past year, so many people have been exercising at home and have really enjoyed doing so. Whilst it is possible to get back in the gym now and start attending exercise classes again, lots of people have decided to stick to working out from the comfort of their own home and there are multiple benefits to doing so. Not only can you save a lot of money in the long run, but exercising will always be convenient as well.

Now that they’re going to be working out at home long-term, many are wanting their own home gym and with some careful planning, you really can set up a home gym just about anywhere. When it comes to deciding where to put a home gym, you will probably have a few locations to choose from, such as a spare room, a garage or a garden room/shed, and to help you ensure that you create the best workout space, below are some important things to consider.

The Amount Of Gym Equipment You’re Going To Purchase

One of the first things to think about is realistically how much space you’re going to need and this will often be dictated by the amount of equipment you’re wanting to purchase. Of course, the more equipment you purchase, the more floor space and storage space you’re likely to require. So, make a list of the pieces of equipment you’re wanting before you make any decisions about space.

What Type Of Exercise You Enjoy Doing

Whilst considering how much space you’re going to need, also think about the type of exercise you like to do as this will also play a role in the amount of floor space required. For example, if you usually stick to strength training and you only need a weight bench and some dumbbells, then you will need less space than if you like to do HIIT training or pilates.

Which Cardio Machines You’re Wanting To Use

If you’re going to invest in some cardio machines, you will need to take into consideration how noisy they can be when you’re deciding where to put a home gym. Generally speaking, treadmills and rowing machines are much noisier than exercise bikes and cross trainers, and if you’d like to have these machines, putting your home gym upstairs in your spare room might not be the best option, unless you soundproof the floor.

When You’re Going To Use The Home Gym

Your preferred workout routine will also play a factor in deciding where to put a home gym. For example, if you like to get up early and exercise before work or if you usually exercise in the evening just before bed, you should think about whether any of your family members will be sleeping and if the potential location of your home gym will disturb them.

Whether The Space Will Need To Be Multi-Functional

When you don’t have a whole room that you can transform into a home gym, you will need to think about which rooms or spaces are easiest to make multi-functional. You will want to ensure that your gym equipment won’t overcrowd the room and that you will also easily be able to pack it away when you need to use the space for its other function. Often, some rooms are much more suitable for multi-functional use than others.

How Much You Have To Spend On A Home Gym

As you may expect, budget is always something to take into consideration and you need to check that you have the money to turn a room into a gym. You may find that some rooms will need new lighting, flooring and maybe even ventilation, whereas others are suitable for you to start using straight away. So, the space will influence how much the home gym costs overall.

Setting Up A Home Gym

All in all, it is easy to see why so many people are keen to continue working out at home and it is no surprise that many are considering creating their very own workout room instead of always having to exercise in their living room. Hopefully, by thinking about everything mentioned above you will have a better idea of what your individual needs are for this workout space and you will find it easier to decide where to put your home gym.

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